Three Stars Investments Group, Inc. American company based in Miami, Florida created to meet our customer needs for purchases, trade, investments, advising and consultancy. We count with a vast experience in the market and international trade as well as business facilitators and investors in different fields from the economy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are a team with more than 22 years of experience which has facilitated the services offered by our company in a professional, fast and effective way. In the area of procurement area we count on reliable suppliers who provide quality and guarantees of their products and services. Our portfolio of suppliers includes manufacturers in the Industrial, Energy, Agricultural, Transportation, Construction and Health sectors, among others.

Like an experienced international trade company, we have the ¨know-how¨ that allows us to sail into new possibilities and opportunities of business when being related to companies based in the Caribbean, Center and the South America. We also count with the necessary tools to provide solution to the complexities that exist in the markets of these regions.

We are able to orient and facilitate investors towards new opportunities of viable and safe businesses in the different regions that we worked leading the same towards a successful closing.