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Stilbon Foods


Stilbon Foods is a division of Stilbon Corp, an organization with more than 26 years of experience developing international trade projects. With the headquarters in Miami, Florida and offices located in Argentina and Uruguay, Stilbon Foods leverages an extensive and reliable business development network to source specific superior commodities for international food markets.

They have developed a premium supply chain of high quality Argentine and Uruguayan beef products to key markets such as the U.S.A, the European Union, and Asia.

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Wings Group SA is a dynamic company that is projected as a center for the exchange of products, technologies and services between companies at an international level.

Its experience, acquired over the last 30 years in various countries around the world, allows it to offer projects and supplies in the water management and energy production sectors with the best level of professionalism.

Its presence in different markets in Asia, Central, South America and Europe allows it to offer a high quality product with state-of-the-art technology and at competitive prices, additionally giving different perspectives and options to the client.


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