As an experienced company in international trade, Three Stars Investment Group has the “know-how” that lets us browse into new possibilities and business opportunities by being linked to companies based in The Caribbean, Central and South America. Our company also counts with the necessary tools to solve the complexities existent in the markets of these regions.

We provide investors and orient customers towards new opportunities feasible and safe in different regions and work conducting your business to a successful closing.

Invest and engage in business with companies that specialize in different areas of the economy, new technologies and services as well as those business opportunities in the areas of Real Estate and merchandise among others.

Department of Energy:
We count with engineers available to assist our customers in terms of consulting and recommendations for new technologies and solutions. Management in the purchase of parts, spare parts, turbines, engines, pipes, valves, pumps, generators, transmission stations and substations, Blades of simultaneous operation, Power Transformers, construction materials, High Voltage Lines, Cooling Systems, Fire Systems, Gas storage Tanks, Fuel, Oil, drill rigs among others, and everything related to power generation for different technologies.

Department of Transportation, Custom and Heavy Equipment  for special projects:
Through this department we can meet needs such as parts for the sector in addition to Drilling Machines, Backhoes, Cranes of different types and capacities, Trucks all types, Mining equipment, railway equipment, bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, pavers, forklifts and trailers of all types, agricultural tractors, buses, rail and metro systems, among others.

Industrial Department:
Equipment and machinery for plants of all types, specialized materials for construction and / or repair of works, supplies, pumping systems, welding materials and equipment, emergency, general tools for industry.

Construction Department:
Materials for all types of construction, general hardware and related items, general tools.

Health Sector:
We provide all kinds of specialized medical equipment for the health sector which can be new, used or re-manufactured according to the customer’s needs and budget. We also provide Instrumental, Spendable, equipment and instruments for dentistry, among others.

Department of Agriculture:
Pumping equipment for water distribution (submersible, horizontal and turbines), electric fuel pumps of different voltages. Protections and specialized starters for pumping systems.