The I.A. it has established itself as a key source of transformation, alteration, and creation of favorable conditions in the fast and changing world economy. Those businesses that take the lead and mount in the new wave of change will have greater advantage of a superior recognition of the clients over those who prefer a slow transformation and that eventually fail because they do not adapt quickly enough, One Focus Digital with more than 8 years of experience in the field of computer technology, has a wide range of expert programmers in all phases of software development, from Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing, Deployment of Computer Systems, to the use of several languages. Programming. Giving us the ability to help and guide our clients in the rapid adoption of new business models that allow them to adapt quickly and take full advantage of the great potential of opportunities offered by the new technological revolution driven by the application of the I.A. Develop products or Transmedia narrations using the main axis plot to different platforms and allow from the germ that users collaborate to expand their universe. Our Transmedia developments will be based on the fact that each of these platforms, windows, pieces or elements are part of the story and contribute to the story as a whole and are not disconnected from each other, as well as being able to interact with the product, thus, each part of the narration is unique for the very essence of the platform in which it develops (internet, comics, social networks, videogames, games …), providing narrative resources that grow exponentially as we take advantage of the strengths of each window and that They serve so that the viewer can have different entry points to the story. Our Transmedia narratives will develop an exchange with the users in search of collaborating in the construction of the story, which means that they live an experience of full immersion in history.